Now that Vitae is on the hard, we have time for our other boats

It may seem a long way away from the luxury of sailing, but once we have Vitae stored for the winter we are more than anxious to get out for a few days paddling. This is something we enjoy very much and have been doing our entire lives. The quiet beauty of nature and being able to explore new places is what we also love about sailing, but hey, variety is the spice of life!

Morning Coffee Prep

Mornings are cold in October, but no matter how cold the dawn, the sunrise feels warm.

A room with a view

This particular campsite had a commanding view of the area, and great morning light. It’s not like waking up with the gentle rocking of the sailboat, but it certainly is a close second.

Lots of Hardwood around this site

We were able to cook most of our meals on a fire thanks to abundant hardwood around the area. We made some of our usual camp dinners: the first night was a Thai chicken curry with fresh ingredients we brought along, and the second night was our signature camping dish of homemade chilli (dried at home in a food dryer) with fresh biscuits made on the fire.

Sunset comes early in October

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