The Murray Canal

After an overnight stay on the docks in Trenton, we spent the morning scrubbing the decks and generally cleaning up. This was the first really thorough clean of the decks this year and took us a couple of hours. So nice to have it ship shape again.

Late morning my Brother Tim and his wife Dale showed up with a new fridge fan that we ordered off of amazon. Our fridge was running, but it’s fan had died and it was working on a cheap computer fan that only puts out 65 CFM. These new fans (2 pack with one as a back up) put out 110 CFM and will make it work that much better as the summer warms up.

11:56 am we left the dock for the canal. Its not that far from Trenton and we were tied up on the canal wall in Presq’ile bay by 2:06 pm. It was warm and Sunny with a 15 knot wind from the SW. We decided to stay here until early morning so we could have favourable wind on our next jump to Cobourg.

The Canal itself has good depth ranging from 12 to 20 feet in most places, and is quiet and peaceful with lots of people fishing from the shores, and hiking or biking along the path that follows the canal.

Cheers from the Canal Wall on a Saturday night

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