Our Trip to the North Channel begins…

This is our shake-down cruise in more than one sense: It’s our first trip as gainfully retired, and it’s going to be our longest sailing adventure in both mileage and time. We will be gone until at least mid August.

Gananoque to Treasure Island Bay
(9.8NM, wow, at this rate the trip will take years!)

After a last get-together with our Gan Dock Mates who put together a wonderful dinner, we had walked to the boat at night and slept there. The car was already back in the garage, so we could leave early in the morning.

Best laid plans! We slept in a little but then still had to fill up the diesel with the last can we had brought, filled the water tanks, stored and organized all our supplies, clothes and toys and waited out the rain.

By 1:30 pm we were finally on the way. We didn’t mind. We were now retired so we were in no rush. This trip was going to be all about taking our time, only travel when the wind and weather would be comfortable (more or less) and stop and explore.

Winds were from the north at 10-15kn, a mix of sun and cloud and about 20C. We motored west out of the Gan marina by Spectacle Shoal and turned south before Aubrey Island out into what the locals call the 40 Acres – south of Howe Island and north of the east end of Wolf. It’s a nice open stretch of water with no obstructions and good winds for sailing. We had a nice sail for 1 1/2 hours, until the wind died at 3:15 and we motored into the bay east of Treasure Island. We have used this anchorage in northerly winds before and really like it as it offers lots of space with about 10’ depth.

Prost! Anchored at Treasure Island

2 thoughts on “Our Trip to the North Channel begins…

  1. Greetings from another CS owner (CS36 Merlin). We met you in late summer of 2020 at Gan when you came over to our temp slip to say hello. You were interested in our blue stack pack bag and said you wanted to make your own. It looks like you did! We have similar plans to head up to the North channel some day soon as my wife is originally from that area. We’re also both retired. Fairs winds on your trip and we’ll be following your progress.

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    1. Thanks for your comment and yes, we remember chatting with you. Always great to connect to other CS owners. We will keep our eyes open for “Breakaway” as we sail Lake Ontario this summer.


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