Launch Spring 2021

This was Launch Day May 22, 2021 at 1pm. Our new enclosure is finally finished but there are still details to get right. It seems all enclosures are so customized to each boat that they take several adjustment appointments to get it right.

May 23 we left Iroquois at 8am but had a small issue when we reversed hard to clear weeds from the prop as the dripless was shooting water out of the hose that takes the opening above the waterline and squirting in the into the quarter berth. We will have to investigate that later, but for now we are safe to continue.

Water in the cut to get out of Iroquois was as usual low, and lower than normal. We bumped the sand/clay bottom 3 times and had to reverse to get free. We originally were advised to stay tight to the green buoys as the cut is very shallow behind the red ones, but in fact we did better when we stayed off the green a bit. Regina did a great job of standing at the bow and pointing to Port or Starboard.

We began motoring but the wind filled in from NW-N gusting to 30 Knots and we made very good time passing Brockville at noon and arriving in Gan Marina at 4:30 pm. We were greeted by a couple of our dock mates, Steve and Jeannie. We were the 7th Sailboat to dock in Gan this year. Due to Covid the marina was just opening up that week but recreational boating was still not allowed. You were allowed to move the boat to its slip, but not to use it until restrictions were lifted.

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